New Landland

Moby Dick: The Goblin

and on to Startertown

Next day, the divining rod directed us South, back the way we came! We supposed that it might’ve been guiding us towards a moving target, perhaps something that someone was carrying. I guessed it may be something the goblins have, so we reversed our tracks and I looked for traces of where the goblin party may have come from.

By dusk, we came to a large encampment. I climbed a tree nearby to spy it out, and observed a huge 6’ white goblin, along with a bunch of regular goblins and some watch dogs. There were wooden structures in the encampment, surrounded by a spiked fence, and a bonfire in the middle. I climbed back down to report to the group what I have seen, and we planned out an assault.

i decided to sneak in and get the dogs attention, to lure them away from everybody else, so that the rest of the party could ambush the goblins and übergoblin. I got up to the edge of the tree line, and using my ranger skills, gave a whistle the dogs might respond to without alerting the goblins. It worked! All the dogs were drawn to the North wall where I lurked in the brush.

Fiameta also crept up close to the fence up a tree to the West, with Eli staying near her to guard her from below. The others took up positions around the West wall. Suddenly, Fiameta’s divining rod started issuing out a keening sound… the übergoblin stood up by the fire, and looked across the clearing through the darkness straight at her up in the tree! She lobbed a Magic Missile out across the field, over the fence, into his face as he grunted in anger. I heard the cleric bless us.

Fiameta kept firing bolts of energy at him, but he launched himself over the wall and aggressively stomped towards her (and Eli waiting below) along with one of his war dogs. Eli surged out from the brush to leap over the dog (who outpaced the übergoblin) and got nipped for his trouble, but the muscular warrior spun away and engaged the big guy instead. His flurry of blows was to no avail though, as the übergoblin kept improbably blocking each attack with some shiny cuffs on his arms.

I finally charged out of the treeline, past the dogs who were now of a friendly disposition towards me, and into a gate in the North wall. I ran straight into a pair of goblins that were coming out to flank the sorceress and gladiator. I shoulder blocked one right onto the spiked wall, leaving him impaled there and facing the other.

The war dog with the übergoblin savagely tore into Umbra the cleric, who smashed its head then prayed up a Gust of Wind to lift him up into a tree away from the snapping jaws of the dogs. He threw stones down at them. Then the giant goblin reached Galen and knocked him down with a savage blow! Fiameta scampered higher up the tree and the white brute stared at her, looking confused as to how to pursue her.

Meanwhile I infiltrated the north wall, slew the other goblin guard, and darted up behind the first hut where two more guards were shooting bows. I rushed around the corner and howled a challenge, making them jump in surprise! I heroically Ieapt over the fire and crashed into them like an avenging angel.

Eli stepped back in towards the übergoblin, smashing him hard as I kept the archers from peppering the gladiator’s unarmored back with arrows. A Sunscorch suddenly blasted down from the sky into the white goblin’s face, he leapt back but appeared shaken, and turned and leaped back over the palisaded fence to flee into the encampment… but slipped just as he leapt, and wound up impaling himself on one of the spikes! But he pulled himself off and charged into the walls after me. Galen followed and engaged him before he could reach me, barely ducking a massive swing that took out a support pillar on the hut, which came crashing down. I darted in and the two of us hacked him down as the rest of the goblins, including a shaman, fled off into the woods.

Startertown Nightlife

We gathered our wits, then moved beyond the encampment into the nearby ruins of Startertown and found another piece of the diving rod! We decided to hole up in the ruins for the night before seeing if there were any old boats still in the ruins of the docks. After some debate about our next moves, we found a relatively sturdy structure in the middle of the old town square, it seemed like it was a tavern at one point. Contemplak climbed up on the peaked roof to act as sentry and watch for the shaman to return with reinforcements, as the rest of us found comfy places to lay down and rest for a while, or study/pray.

A little past midnight, the moon shone clearly, illuminating the ruins in a pale glow as a sea breeze blew in. Up on the roof, Contemplak heard a groan, and perked up, seeing a grotesque gray form shuffling up the road, then another and another it its wake. He rattled his bow on the roof and hissed to wake us up. We all came to, and peered out the windows at the approaching herd of undead. In the distance, an ominous howl was heard.

Some of us formed up and begin peppering them with arrows, which stuck in their dead flesh to little effect. Others begin hurling rocks, which at least seemed to break a few bones and cripple a couple of them. Then Eli just ran out and began assailing the first of the undead with enraged gladiator flourish, virtually punching off one’s head which then got stuck to his fist-blade. Following Eli, Galen climbed out of a window and dashed straight at the nearest zombie.

The rest of us all spread out to stand guard by different windows, to keep them from squeezing in that way, as they started to get excited by the sounds we were making and fanned out around the tavern. I spiked the door closed, then heard a ‘thunk’ and turned to see Fiameta staring at her broken sling strap! She went to work rigging up a new one.

Outside, Eli stumbled, and nearly went down in the middle of a mob of zombies who would’ve devoured him, but he managed to punch his way out right away before they could converge. Fearing that he would be turned, I ran out to help him, windmilling my machete’s through rotting flesh and opening a path for him to back away. Contemplak leapt down from the roof, landing unhurt if not gracefully, and dashed over to help too, along with Galen.


Once a few of us were in the melee, it wasn’t possible for them to surround and overwhelm us with numbers, and we made quick work of the butchery of the herd. Then we filed back into the tavern and slept uneasily through the rest of the night.


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