New Landland

Cyclopean Doom
Are You Not Entertained?!?

Next day we wanted to continue up the hill to the ruins, which is where the divining rod seemed to want us to go. So we began another day of hiking. Off to the side, Faun was scouting a little way off, and I saw her motion that she had heard something. She headed off that way, and so I slowly cleared us a trail after her. In a while we broke through to a wide but overgrown road, which sped up our progress. Down the road I saw Faun sneaking up on a smoking fire, where a massive cyclops loomed over a helpless bound maiden. I could her sounds of struggle and moans of distress. Faun continued sneaking up, drew back her arm, and hurled a javelin at the unsuspecting brute! The cyclops roared in surprise, looked around without seeing where she was (as she ducked away), scooped up his victim and loped off into the jungle crosswise from our path up the hill.

As we got closer to the campfire, I saw a trail sign Faun must’ve left for me to direct me where she dashed off in pursuit. But the cyclops popped back out of the woods. I barked, “Fan out, let’s mob it!” and we charged forward (though Faun still lurked in the woods).


Umbra Blessed us as Fiameta shot off some Magic Missiles. I cautiously advanced ahead of the party, but then Eli recklessly charged past me, slicing aggressively into the cyclops’s leg with his drusus. The bound woman flopped around screaming, as Faun snuck out of the jungle behind the brute, with a gleam in her eye. The towering monster roared as he brought his tree-trunk club down on Eli, hammering him out into the jungle treeline that formed the road’s border. I slowed up, exclaiming, “_OOO, wow, hold on there big guy, we surrender!!_” as Faun snuck up and slashed the back of his leg, dropping him to his knee. He pulled the woman off his shoulder and dropped her in the road. Galen, standing behind me, then hit him with an arrow. But the cyclops turned around to see who got him from behind, and I took advantage of the opportunity to charge in hacking with my machetes.

Eli probably should have lain where he landed and waited for a healer to attend his cracked ribs, but instead he struggled bravely to his feet, and stumbled over to press the attack! Umbra summoned a Spiritual Hammer and whonked the cyclops in the head. Faun cartwheeled away over to the maiden, and began to drag her into the jungle… but instead of mewling gratefully, the maiden flipped to her feet and transformed into a hag! It was an illusion, she was working in league with the cyclops to ambush travelers! Suddenly two more hags emerged from the jungle. The cyclops suddenly perked up, howled with rage, spun around and hammered Eli again, this time straight down into the ground! The poor gladiator was instantly knocked unconscious. Blood, ichor and what must have been organ pulp oozed from his crumpled form.

I felt a tingling as all this transpired, and before I knew it, I seemed to become a giant rat! What witchcraft was this? Well, I decided to make the best of it, so I scurried up the cyclops’s leg and bit into his back, raking and scratching, as Umbra came jogging down the road towards us to see if anything could be done for Eli. I kept scratching and gnawing for all I was worth, and eventually it was enough to bring the bloodied cyclops down! I am the rat king!

Nearby, the hag pounced on Faun and tore into her face with a wicked claw, knocking her back into the jungle, apparently unconscious too! The hag went from Faun to intercept a charge by Galen, but I leapt from the falling cyclops to land on her back, scratching viciously with my newfound rat prowess. The paladin delivered a powerful slash to her to though, as she was distracted by me on her back.

Down the road, Fiameta knifed another hag that had charged the middle of the party, but then took a nasty claw to the face and went down. Umbra finally trundled up to cast Aid on her, bringing her back to her feet. Evidently, he concluded that Eli was too far gone for his ministrations to be of any use. But now, looking over, I could see Eli slowly, haltingly rise! Was he saved by some miraculous divine intervention? But wait, something wasn’t right. His movements were too stiff, and his eyes looked cold, dead. Oh no! Our erstwhile comrade’s dead body had been animated by the fell Covenant powers of the hags!

Galen kept slicing at the hag, occupying her attention, so I dropped from her back and scurried over to the edge of the jungle, where Faun was laying prone. I snatched a Goodberry out of her pack, and shoved it in her mouth with my rat anus (she’s used to that kind of thing as a druid). Galen slew the hag just then, so her spell expired and I transformed back to my normal self, squatting over Faun’s face just as she came to.

Umbra was able to stave off the middle hag with his lucern hammer, scoring a couple of glancing blows and giving her pause until she turned to flee, as did the far hag. We had foiled the ambush, but sadly Eli had passed on and been animated as a zombie, and he continued to flail mindlessly at Galen with his cesti. Umbra came over and Destroyed him, intoning some anti-zombie fundamentalist bigotry as our former compatriot disintegrated into a pile of dust.

We healed up the rest of the wounded and dug a grave for Eli’s pile of dust, and left a stone inscribed with “We Were Entertained” to mark the site. Umbra found two keys and amulets on the hags, and several valuable gems on the cyclops. Faun and I noticed a pretty well-worn path probably used by the cyclops for ambushes like this. But the wand still pointed up the hill. What to do? Well we were too exhausted to think about it just at the moment, so we decided to camp out right there at the ambush site and decide the next day.

In the morning, a dwarf came trodding up to our breakfast fire, shorn and toting a large longsword, looking like a short, stout human. He noticed our downcast look and says, “Hey! Who died?” as Faun roasted bacon in Eli’s old helmet. He said, “I am Tenoch Giantsplitter, I have abandoned by clan, my family were cheating lying backstabbing assholes, I refused to follow suit, ergo I was a disgrace to them. My grandmother was a human. If you need any giants split, I can help ya. Were there any around here?”

We explained what happened to this odd little fellow. He said, “Oh I ran across a hut a little ways back, but it was locked with magic.” We got him to take us back there and use Umbra’s keys to get in. Umbra was in a zealous rage and wanted to kill the remaining hag, since she was the one who sacrilegiously animated our dead friend’s corpse.

In the hut though, we found a nice cloak with a periapt of poison protection, several potions, a fabled Deck of Many Things, studded leather armor, several more gems, and a purse full of 300 gold, and a Buckland’s Everfood Purse!

Tenoch started drawing from the Deck of Many Things, and received a magic longsword and a bunch of jewelry! Faun drew, and suddenly got a lot more attractive, and a tree-house keep! Umbra drew, and got a church and the service of a warrior, and a wish! He wished for a Handy Haversack. Filamena drew and also got the service of a warrior, but also lost a great deal of intelligence. I draw, and lost my new enchanted studded leather! The now gorgeous Faun kindly offered me her cloak of protection with the periapt though, so I was mollified.

Next day we tried to burn the hut but it was fire resistant. So we just headed back off down the road, toward the hill with the ruins on it that the divining rod pointed us to. As we got closer, the road was still overgrown but it became cobblestone. It was hot, humid, and we were under the canopy so it was dim.

We approached the summit, there was a stone pyramid with many other tumbled down ruins surrounding it. The rod pointed to the pyramid. The jungle didn’t seem to grow into the ruins, though it infested the surrounding areas and a little foliage popped up here and there. A statue of winged human was atop the pyramid. Umbra suggested we sweep the outer buildings first, so we did. We came into the area from the East out of the jungle. We started our sweep South.

After a few buildings, I heard something in one with a newish roof. I signaled Faun, then climbed up to the top of a wall of a nearby ruin and covered Faun with my bow. Inside, we could see some lizardmen!

Mano a Mano
Chief Honkytonk's Champion

We spent several days trudging inland through the jungle, following our divining rod. I lead the party, hacking through vines and brush with my machetes and keeping a wary eye out for any more trouble.

Suddenly I heard a call from ahead. Two goblins were calmly walking forward out of the ferns, holding aloft a tattered white flag. In broken New Common, they communicated that their chief had instructed them to bring us to him. Since they came in peace, I agreed to speak with their chief and we set off after them. It wasn’t long before we came to a clearing where a campfire was blazing brightly as dusk approached.

Their chief, Honkytonk, invited us into the fire circle, then immediately began to upbraid us for killing his braves, wrecking his encampment, and stealing his ship. We protested that we merely borrowed the ship, and that anyways private property was going to be obsolete in our new socialist world order. And the casualties were unavoidable since his warriors got in our way, but I was sorry and offered him all the silver I had (26 pieces) in compensation for their loss. He howled in outrage though, and his warriors began to rattle their sabers, as it were (clubs and spears really).

Wanting to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, and seeing that my offer was insufficient, I appealed the chief that he and I could settle this like gentlemen, with a mano-a-mano duel, so that our friends didn’t all have to be in danger. This caught his attention, but he counter-proposed that instead of us, we could each select a champion to represent us. I glanced at the mighty Eli, who as a trained gladiator would be an ideal champion. Eli nodded his assent at this plan. Chief Honkytonk then sent a runner off, who came back with a voadkyn wood giant tromping after him! I gulped, but Eli seemed unfazed and stepped forward to meet this towering foe who wielded a massive longsword.

We gave the go ahead, “ROUND ONE: FIGHT!” and the mortal combat began. Eli launched forward like a viper, delivering a sound punch to the voadkyn’s solar plexus, then pirouetting away before the giant know what hit it. It then realized the fight was on though, and hefted it’s longsword before charging at the retreating gladiator. Eli turned to face the giant as it barreled towards him swinging it’s sword in a mighty swooshing arc… right over Eli’s head as he gracefully ducked under, darted through the giant’s legs, and delivered an upward taint punch that induced horrified wincing in every member of the audience. The giant howled with rage and turned around again, leveling it’s huge blade at Eli.

At this point, I suspected Eli was just making the giant mad, so I nudged Umbra and gestured for him to pray for some blessings at least to keep Eli safe. He did so…. but Chief Honkytonk must have noticed him chanting because he suddenly screamed “Cheaters!” and commanded his tribe to attack us all! I tried to protest that priests just gotta pray sometimes, but before I knew it Honkytonk’s two hulking bugbear bodyguards were on top of me, slathering and swinging clubs! Chaos was erupting all around. I quickly raised my machetes and parried one of the bugbears’ blows, but the other’s bounced off my now ringing head. I slashed back at my attacker and saw a pair of wargs darting past me towards my comrades, but one of their eyes began beaming with white Light as Umbra blinded it. Still, the cruel beast got it’s powerful jaws around Faun’s pet dog, and snapped the poor creature’s neck. The clever native elven druid had melted back into the jungle and was circling around, using her mystical druidic powers to turn the vines and ferns against the goblins, many more of which could now be seen moving around in the canopy over head… but many of these were held fast, or else thrown down by the very trees themselves!

Fiameta, safely behind me, launched a streaming volley of Magic Missiles through the melee at Chief Honkytonk, but he and his shaman extricated themselves from the clutching vines and beat a hasty retreat further into the jungle. Umbra now was able to Hold one of the bugbears while I fought off the other, taking a few scratches (and being grazed by an arrow from a goblin sniper) but finally hacking it to death. Eli delivered several more masterful blows and slashes with his drusus, finally bringing the wood giant crashing down dead! FATALITY. Then he casually waded over through goblins, killed a warg, and sliced the throat of the held bugbear. We were victorious! I resolved to one day hunt down that duplicitous and honorless chief and put an end to him, and I took the longsword off the dead giant as a reminder.

Dusk was now upon us, but we didn’t want to remain at the scene of the carnage when the night scavengers came out. Se we trudged on for another couple of miles before making camp. I used my survival skills to identify a hidden and secure glen with a freshwater spring. We lay down, exhausted, while Fiameta conjured up a small fire. We ate a small supper while Eli recounted his great feat and wished we still had a bard with us to make a song about it. Then we slept.

15 Men on the Dead Man's Chest
Cap'n Death Knight

Next day we made our way down to the ruins of the port. We did indeed find a tattered little boat there, and limping it along in the direction of the divining rod, we soon came to a Shipwreck island! In its vicinity, a ghost ship approached to menace us… but we boarded and killed off the skeletal crew. While we finished crunching their skulls, we noticed that goblins were sailing OUR boat away! They must’ve been stowing away and took it back when we left for the ghost ship.


Ah well, this new ship was more fearsome anyway. Time to explore it. Faun went in the fore cabin and found lots of maps, including one with a big X. She also found a crystal ball on a table, inside were a pair of eyes looking out. Faun’s dog, Goblin, went to shove some skeletons overboard, but there seemed to be an invisible barrier keeping the bones from going overboard.

We all then went aft to investigate the rooms in the hold. One door was solid steel, and locked. Behind the next door was an aquatic ghoul! Faun shrieked and took a step back, so I launched forward past here and hacked into it with a machete. Faun stabbed it from behind me with her javelin and finished it, just as the next door burst open and another of the fishy ghouls lurched out. It scratched me and I felt my body go numb as the floor rushed up to slam my face. Thankfully, Faun pulled me back as the ghoul turned its attention to swiping at Galen the paladin coming in the door. Faun, behind it now, cracked it in the back of the head with a shillegleagh.

After I revived from the temporary paralysis, we descended down the bottom deck. I opened the Captain’s door after Faun listened and didn’t hear anything. Behind was a clearly sentient, sinister undead Death Knight captain who demanded to know why we attacked his ship (they attacked us of course), and explained that they protect Shipwreck Island. He further explained that no one who boards the ship can leave except by death, and advanced menacingly upon me.

I whirled my machetes and dove at the fiend! I missed twice and suffered a massive blow however, knocking me back as Eli the gladiator strode up next to me to punch at him. The others outside in the lower deck were beset upon by a bunch more skeletons and ghouls that seemed to come swarming out of the bowels of the ship. Fiameta cames to heal me as Eli kept the Death Knight’s attention. The brave gladiator suffered a mighty sword slash, then another for this trouble, and he finally took a knee as Fiameta cames to attend him. I leapt forward once again, exchanging clanging sword strikes, distracting the fiend. Eventually Galen the paladin found his way to me, and stepped in shouldering past me. We all feel a pleasant tingle as his Protection from Evil aura filled the cabin. Galen’s blade nicked the Captain and it shrieked, then delivered a massive blow back to the paladin in retaliation, dropping him to the floor unconscious! The overworked Fiameta then turned her ministrations to him, as Eli stepped back into the fray! The dauntless gladiator socked the Death Knight in the side of the head, knocking it off balance as I kept swinging and missing or being blocked, but I least I draw some of his attention from the rest of the wounded. Finally, I got an opening, and hacked it’s head off! The corpse dropped unceremoniously to the ground Galen took up it’s enchanted longsword.

Out in the hold, the bones seem to have gathered together and formed into one giant skeleton, but the others had killed it. Faun took a key off the Death Knight and went back to the locked steel door… she evaded a poison trap and found chests with hundreds of gold pieces inside. One even gleamed with magic.

We spent a couple days fixing up the ship and fishing, and then sailed it back to the mainland. After several days of this “sailing,” during which Faun crafted us a basic canoe, we got there and went ashore once more.

Moby Dick: The Goblin
and on to Startertown

Next day, the divining rod directed us South, back the way we came! We supposed that it might’ve been guiding us towards a moving target, perhaps something that someone was carrying. I guessed it may be something the goblins have, so we reversed our tracks and I looked for traces of where the goblin party may have come from.

By dusk, we came to a large encampment. I climbed a tree nearby to spy it out, and observed a huge 6’ white goblin, along with a bunch of regular goblins and some watch dogs. There were wooden structures in the encampment, surrounded by a spiked fence, and a bonfire in the middle. I climbed back down to report to the group what I have seen, and we planned out an assault.

i decided to sneak in and get the dogs attention, to lure them away from everybody else, so that the rest of the party could ambush the goblins and übergoblin. I got up to the edge of the tree line, and using my ranger skills, gave a whistle the dogs might respond to without alerting the goblins. It worked! All the dogs were drawn to the North wall where I lurked in the brush.

Fiameta also crept up close to the fence up a tree to the West, with Eli staying near her to guard her from below. The others took up positions around the West wall. Suddenly, Fiameta’s divining rod started issuing out a keening sound… the übergoblin stood up by the fire, and looked across the clearing through the darkness straight at her up in the tree! She lobbed a Magic Missile out across the field, over the fence, into his face as he grunted in anger. I heard the cleric bless us.

Fiameta kept firing bolts of energy at him, but he launched himself over the wall and aggressively stomped towards her (and Eli waiting below) along with one of his war dogs. Eli surged out from the brush to leap over the dog (who outpaced the übergoblin) and got nipped for his trouble, but the muscular warrior spun away and engaged the big guy instead. His flurry of blows was to no avail though, as the übergoblin kept improbably blocking each attack with some shiny cuffs on his arms.

I finally charged out of the treeline, past the dogs who were now of a friendly disposition towards me, and into a gate in the North wall. I ran straight into a pair of goblins that were coming out to flank the sorceress and gladiator. I shoulder blocked one right onto the spiked wall, leaving him impaled there and facing the other.

The war dog with the übergoblin savagely tore into Umbra the cleric, who smashed its head then prayed up a Gust of Wind to lift him up into a tree away from the snapping jaws of the dogs. He threw stones down at them. Then the giant goblin reached Galen and knocked him down with a savage blow! Fiameta scampered higher up the tree and the white brute stared at her, looking confused as to how to pursue her.

Meanwhile I infiltrated the north wall, slew the other goblin guard, and darted up behind the first hut where two more guards were shooting bows. I rushed around the corner and howled a challenge, making them jump in surprise! I heroically Ieapt over the fire and crashed into them like an avenging angel.

Eli stepped back in towards the übergoblin, smashing him hard as I kept the archers from peppering the gladiator’s unarmored back with arrows. A Sunscorch suddenly blasted down from the sky into the white goblin’s face, he leapt back but appeared shaken, and turned and leaped back over the palisaded fence to flee into the encampment… but slipped just as he leapt, and wound up impaling himself on one of the spikes! But he pulled himself off and charged into the walls after me. Galen followed and engaged him before he could reach me, barely ducking a massive swing that took out a support pillar on the hut, which came crashing down. I darted in and the two of us hacked him down as the rest of the goblins, including a shaman, fled off into the woods.

Startertown Nightlife

We gathered our wits, then moved beyond the encampment into the nearby ruins of Startertown and found another piece of the diving rod! We decided to hole up in the ruins for the night before seeing if there were any old boats still in the ruins of the docks. After some debate about our next moves, we found a relatively sturdy structure in the middle of the old town square, it seemed like it was a tavern at one point. Contemplak climbed up on the peaked roof to act as sentry and watch for the shaman to return with reinforcements, as the rest of us found comfy places to lay down and rest for a while, or study/pray.

A little past midnight, the moon shone clearly, illuminating the ruins in a pale glow as a sea breeze blew in. Up on the roof, Contemplak heard a groan, and perked up, seeing a grotesque gray form shuffling up the road, then another and another it its wake. He rattled his bow on the roof and hissed to wake us up. We all came to, and peered out the windows at the approaching herd of undead. In the distance, an ominous howl was heard.

Some of us formed up and begin peppering them with arrows, which stuck in their dead flesh to little effect. Others begin hurling rocks, which at least seemed to break a few bones and cripple a couple of them. Then Eli just ran out and began assailing the first of the undead with enraged gladiator flourish, virtually punching off one’s head which then got stuck to his fist-blade. Following Eli, Galen climbed out of a window and dashed straight at the nearest zombie.

The rest of us all spread out to stand guard by different windows, to keep them from squeezing in that way, as they started to get excited by the sounds we were making and fanned out around the tavern. I spiked the door closed, then heard a ‘thunk’ and turned to see Fiameta staring at her broken sling strap! She went to work rigging up a new one.

Outside, Eli stumbled, and nearly went down in the middle of a mob of zombies who would’ve devoured him, but he managed to punch his way out right away before they could converge. Fearing that he would be turned, I ran out to help him, windmilling my machete’s through rotting flesh and opening a path for him to back away. Contemplak leapt down from the roof, landing unhurt if not gracefully, and dashed over to help too, along with Galen.


Once a few of us were in the melee, it wasn’t possible for them to surround and overwhelm us with numbers, and we made quick work of the butchery of the herd. Then we filed back into the tavern and slept uneasily through the rest of the night.

First Blood
Machete Kills

So we laboriously pushed through the dense jungle almost all day. Eventually I deduced that the rod was leading us past the Startertown ruins. The hair on the back of my neck stood up… I felt presences all around us, and raised my hand to halt the party and put them on alert. The death priest muttered a blessing as I brandished my machetes just as the leaves all around us start rustling and goblins dropped from the trees! An ambush.

Several of them charged our line from the side. Nameless the Thief violently dropped the first to reach us, then I whirled around and lopped the head off another.


Eli pounced on another, salad-forking it with a cesti and flinging it backwards into another goblin as Eli roared a challenge. My paladin buddy cleaved through another one that was darting in my direction, yet still two more converged on me grazing me from behind, as two more charged the gladiator, slicing into his exposed chest.

Another pair charged the cleric from either side, but he stepped forward and they collided into one another! Fiameta zapped a tree sniper with a Magic Missile, knocking him down. Eli dispatched another, while I sliced one from neck to hip in a huge blood spray. A few more got luck strikes on Galen as they overwhelmed him, knocking him down, and prompting Umbra to move to aid him. Suddenly, the surviving goblins all turned and ran in sync! Eli threw his drusus at one as it fled but missed and the blade thrummed into a tree. A couple of the cowards got away, as we patched ourselves up and wipe off the blood.

I was impressed with my new comrades bravery, and complimented them: “You guys acquitted yourselves well!” We found 189 silver pieces on the bodies, which was unexpected. Then we moved on with our trek a few more miles and set up a campsite. “Goblins frighten easily, but they’ll soon be back and in greater numbers.” We rested, I sharpened my blades. A quiet night passed as Faun’s dog, “Goblin” kept watch.

New Companions
New Beginnings

Hi, I’m Baltazar the Conqueror. Well, I’m not really a conqueror; things haven’t worked out quite as I’d planned. But it’s cool, I just had to adapt a little, you know find some new friends. You see, I was hanging with the wrong crowd. My crowd all drowned. On the voyage over from the Old World. I’ve never been one to jump off a bridge just because all my friends were doing it, nor go down with the ship. Not that I had many friends. I didn’t get along well with the Old World humans because of my pointy ears and so forth, and the elves wouldn’t have me because I was too human-y, so when my folks died I signed on with the royal navy. Then my ship sank on a reef and I was basically stranded, a stranger in a strange land. At least folks here didn’t care so much how pointy your ears were.

So yes, I came to the New World a couple of years ago, on a royal charter to explore the territory and discover (read: dominate) new civilizations. Since my ship sunk though, I’ve made a meager living for myself in the island shanty-town, where a rugged port serves as the only haven for the rare passing ship from the Old World, and the few brave merchants who’ve set up shop here. I’ve tried to make good on the spirit of my charter, making several expeditions to the mainland to map the terrain and meet the natives. There is a race of indigenous elves here far off to the West past the mountains, who were more accepting of me than they were of my hirelings, owing to my half-elven heritage and to my facility with learning their language. There are also some savage human tribes, who are capable of trade but hopelessly backward, culturally speaking. Mostly though, there are brutish heathen goblinoids, unfit even for trade and worthy only of extermination. But there are many wondrous ruins, treasures, and vistas for the brave adventurer to seek out, and many heathens for our church to convert. There are isolationist dwarves in the mountains. There are loads of pirates in the smaller islands, who prey on merchant ships. It’s quite an exciting place all told.

Anyhoo, let me get on with my tale. Drinking at the tavern one day, as I was wont to do, I observed a dwarven bardess running in. She spotted me, and related that a group of unlikely sorts was looking for a tracker to take them on an expedition. They were preparing to head back to town, but were staying the night in a farm house. Always happy to find a bit of work, I sent for my paladin buddy Galen (a missionary from my royal charter) for “muscle”. Our copper purses were feeling a bit light these days, after all. So he showed up and we decided to accept the gig. We finished up our drinks, grabbed our gear, left the dwarf and headed out to the farmhouse.

“What ho adventurers!” I shouted in greeting as we approached the farmhouse. There was a huge gladiator named Eli, Fiameta a mage and cleric of Mystra, another cleric named Umbra who worshipped the god of death, an indigenous elf druidess/rogue named Faun, Contemplak the tobacco-addled archer, and Nameless the halfling thief. It seems they had just recently arrived in the New World themselves, but had been shanghaied and relieved of their possessions, and then beset by a goblin raiding party. Pretty standard sob story for new immigrants in these parts, but they seemed a decent sort.

They explained that they wanted to track this party of goblin raiders back to their village, to wipe them out for good and make this countryside safer for other migrants. I informed them of what I knew: that this “village” was a rather large city, with a king and hundreds of warriors, and probably many raiding parties. To track them, we’d have to get from this colonial island across to the mainland… where there are ruins of the first settler city, called Startertown.

We decided to book passage with a guy I knew with a boat. Meanwhile, Fiameta was fiddling with a wand and ring she had, and somehow they snapped together and started glowing… was it some kind of diving rod? She had a scroll that indicated there could be more parts that add on to become some kind of… key? It was hard to make out the ancient manuscript. But it sounded like the divining rod would lead us to the other parts needed for the key, and then ultimately lead us to the ruins where the ultimate treasure was… perhaps that would help us exterminate the goblins in the big city. So based on this line of conjecture, we decided to hold off on the city invasion until we had explored a bit and found some treasure to better equip ourselves.

The rod guided us West, so we went back to town where the dwarf was camped outside the armorer waiting for some chainmail to be fashioned. I found my boatman friend in the tavern, and he agreed for 10 gold to sail across the channel with us. That’s a lot, but given the pirates and other dangers, fair enough. We all pooled our funds and barely covered his charge.

He took us on an uneventful trip across the channel to the mainland, and when we landed on a sandy beach south of Startertown’s ruins at mid-day, the divining rod directed us North by Northwest off into the tropical jungle. I know there were a lot of roving goblin bands around there, because the reason Startertown was now a ruin rather than a bustling port was that the constant raids were too much for the settlers to handle and they had abandoned it and retreated to the nearby islands. That was about 20 years ago now, but still was on high alert: time to earn my keep as a guide. I lead us off into the jungle.



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