New Landland

First Blood

Machete Kills

So we laboriously pushed through the dense jungle almost all day. Eventually I deduced that the rod was leading us past the Startertown ruins. The hair on the back of my neck stood up… I felt presences all around us, and raised my hand to halt the party and put them on alert. The death priest muttered a blessing as I brandished my machetes just as the leaves all around us start rustling and goblins dropped from the trees! An ambush.

Several of them charged our line from the side. Nameless the Thief violently dropped the first to reach us, then I whirled around and lopped the head off another.


Eli pounced on another, salad-forking it with a cesti and flinging it backwards into another goblin as Eli roared a challenge. My paladin buddy cleaved through another one that was darting in my direction, yet still two more converged on me grazing me from behind, as two more charged the gladiator, slicing into his exposed chest.

Another pair charged the cleric from either side, but he stepped forward and they collided into one another! Fiameta zapped a tree sniper with a Magic Missile, knocking him down. Eli dispatched another, while I sliced one from neck to hip in a huge blood spray. A few more got luck strikes on Galen as they overwhelmed him, knocking him down, and prompting Umbra to move to aid him. Suddenly, the surviving goblins all turned and ran in sync! Eli threw his drusus at one as it fled but missed and the blade thrummed into a tree. A couple of the cowards got away, as we patched ourselves up and wipe off the blood.

I was impressed with my new comrades bravery, and complimented them: “You guys acquitted yourselves well!” We found 189 silver pieces on the bodies, which was unexpected. Then we moved on with our trek a few more miles and set up a campsite. “Goblins frighten easily, but they’ll soon be back and in greater numbers.” We rested, I sharpened my blades. A quiet night passed as Faun’s dog, “Goblin” kept watch.


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