New Landland

15 Men on the Dead Man's Chest

Cap'n Death Knight

Next day we made our way down to the ruins of the port. We did indeed find a tattered little boat there, and limping it along in the direction of the divining rod, we soon came to a Shipwreck island! In its vicinity, a ghost ship approached to menace us… but we boarded and killed off the skeletal crew. While we finished crunching their skulls, we noticed that goblins were sailing OUR boat away! They must’ve been stowing away and took it back when we left for the ghost ship.


Ah well, this new ship was more fearsome anyway. Time to explore it. Faun went in the fore cabin and found lots of maps, including one with a big X. She also found a crystal ball on a table, inside were a pair of eyes looking out. Faun’s dog, Goblin, went to shove some skeletons overboard, but there seemed to be an invisible barrier keeping the bones from going overboard.

We all then went aft to investigate the rooms in the hold. One door was solid steel, and locked. Behind the next door was an aquatic ghoul! Faun shrieked and took a step back, so I launched forward past here and hacked into it with a machete. Faun stabbed it from behind me with her javelin and finished it, just as the next door burst open and another of the fishy ghouls lurched out. It scratched me and I felt my body go numb as the floor rushed up to slam my face. Thankfully, Faun pulled me back as the ghoul turned its attention to swiping at Galen the paladin coming in the door. Faun, behind it now, cracked it in the back of the head with a shillegleagh.

After I revived from the temporary paralysis, we descended down the bottom deck. I opened the Captain’s door after Faun listened and didn’t hear anything. Behind was a clearly sentient, sinister undead Death Knight captain who demanded to know why we attacked his ship (they attacked us of course), and explained that they protect Shipwreck Island. He further explained that no one who boards the ship can leave except by death, and advanced menacingly upon me.

I whirled my machetes and dove at the fiend! I missed twice and suffered a massive blow however, knocking me back as Eli the gladiator strode up next to me to punch at him. The others outside in the lower deck were beset upon by a bunch more skeletons and ghouls that seemed to come swarming out of the bowels of the ship. Fiameta cames to heal me as Eli kept the Death Knight’s attention. The brave gladiator suffered a mighty sword slash, then another for this trouble, and he finally took a knee as Fiameta cames to attend him. I leapt forward once again, exchanging clanging sword strikes, distracting the fiend. Eventually Galen the paladin found his way to me, and stepped in shouldering past me. We all feel a pleasant tingle as his Protection from Evil aura filled the cabin. Galen’s blade nicked the Captain and it shrieked, then delivered a massive blow back to the paladin in retaliation, dropping him to the floor unconscious! The overworked Fiameta then turned her ministrations to him, as Eli stepped back into the fray! The dauntless gladiator socked the Death Knight in the side of the head, knocking it off balance as I kept swinging and missing or being blocked, but I least I draw some of his attention from the rest of the wounded. Finally, I got an opening, and hacked it’s head off! The corpse dropped unceremoniously to the ground Galen took up it’s enchanted longsword.

Out in the hold, the bones seem to have gathered together and formed into one giant skeleton, but the others had killed it. Faun took a key off the Death Knight and went back to the locked steel door… she evaded a poison trap and found chests with hundreds of gold pieces inside. One even gleamed with magic.

We spent a couple days fixing up the ship and fishing, and then sailed it back to the mainland. After several days of this “sailing,” during which Faun crafted us a basic canoe, we got there and went ashore once more.


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